Indie Author Day 2018

Happy Indie Author Day! 3rd Annual Indie Author Day is today, October 13th 2018. Indie Author Day connects local and indie authors to libraries and other organizations for a day of education, networking, book promotion/ signing, and more. I will be joining 40 other local authors at the downtown central library in celebration for thisContinue reading “Indie Author Day 2018”

Paperback Book Day 2018

Happy Paperback Book Day! Monday, July 30th is paperback book day, a day to celebrate paperback books. The history of the day commemorates Penguin’s first publishing of paperback books on July 30th 1935. Celebrate by reading a favorite paperback or check out John’s paperback books in the book section. Support local authors and local bookstoresContinue reading “Paperback Book Day 2018”


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