Grow a Pizza Garden

Learn how to grow toppings for pizza and make a fresh, homemade pizza. This step-by-step gardening guide will help children learn how to successfully grow tomatoes, basil, oregano, peppers, and onions. They will then learn how to make pizza sauce with these homegrown ingredients and add it to a pizza. Simple, easy to follow recipes teach kids (with adult help) how to make a pizza themselves. With tips along the way, kids can get their hands dirty planting, caring for, and harvesting their own vegetables and herbs. A big garden is not required, only a patio or balcony with a few pots will be enough space for growing. The tastiest foods are the ones that are homegrown, so let’s get started gardening!


Benzee gives children step-by-step instructions on how to grow each item until it is time for harvesting. After the harvest, it’s really fun as you carefully follow the instructions to make the sauce and prepare everything you will need to assemble your pizza. … He details everything so well that it’s impossible to get it mixed up. I strongly encourage you to consider Grow a Pizza Garden for your children who are old enough to learn the responsibility of using a stovetop and oven. —Readers’ Favorite, five stars

 I love pizza! I have eaten them frozen from the store, ordered or eaten from the buffet from a store, and I have made my own at home, but I have not ever made my own pizza from a garden before. … Each ingredient has instructions on how to grow it from a seed, how to grow it in your garden, and then how to pick it and what to do with it after you pick it. … If a kid is reading this, they will probably need help from a grown-up, but they will have a yummy pizza at the end! —Kids’ Book Buzz

Available as hardcover (9780999737958) or paperback (97809997379465) or eBook (9781733319713)

Grow a Pizza Garden
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