What am I? Fruits

Can you guess what fruit I am?

In this guess-the-fruit book, fifteen riddles about common fruits ask the question, “what am I?” Each rhythmic riddle first gives a detailed description of a fruit. On the following page, a colorful illustration provides the answer.

Kids will have fun trying to solve these riddles about fruits that they may encounter on their plate, in the grocery store, or in an orchard. A perfect companion to What am I? Vegetables.


A fun way for preschoolers and early graders to learn about the fruits they eat while picking up some additional language skills. … Children will have fun mimicking the melodious words while dreaming of the colorful fruits, while their imaginative tongues sample the fruits’ delightful textures and flavors. As an educational tool, this little book provides a colorful introduction to the foods we eat, along with a nourishing supply of imaginative language. —Tulsa Book Review, five stars

What Am I? Fruits is a fun and educational book that helps kids learn more about the fruits they eat. Benzee’s rhymes are entertaining and clever, and his colorful and inventive illustrations work quite well with the riddle theme of the book. What Am I? Fruits is a grand option for story time, one that’s bound to elicit volunteered guesses and answers to each riddle. … What Am I? Fruits is most highly recommended. —Readers’ Favorite, five stars

Available as hardcover (9780999737934) or paperback (9780999737941)

What am I? Fruits
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