Tree Verse

Tree Verse: A Collection of Tree Poems

From conifers to deciduous, Tree Verse is a celebration and exploration of trees. Life, growth, and decay mingle as fifty poems detail the daily lives and struggles of the many diverse trees that can be found in the United States. Natural imagery is brought to life in vivid verse that often personifies trees in their natural habitats.

The unique features and significance of trees (For example: the age of sequoias, the strength of hickory, or the sweet sap of a sugar maple) make up the core of the poems. Tree Verse reveals the unnoticed or overlooked wonders of trees, which provide us with the bounty and presence of nature.


John Benzee’s collection of poems paints a vivid picture in words of fifty commonly recognized trees from across the United States. The poems explore the beauty and uniqueness of each tree, using different forms of verse applicable to the tree being honored in his poems. … The poet has a profound grasp of the English language and uses each word effectively to create a vision of the tree. Similes and metaphors abound in this delightful collection of poetry. —Readers’ Favorite, 5 stars

Available as a paperback (9780999737927) or eBook (all formats/ devices- 9781733319706)

Tree Verse: A Collection of Tree Poems
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